Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life and all its changes

This past year has brought a significant change to our home....A new Grandson!

In a home ruled primarily by females, this was a MAJOR victory for the other side! While girls still outnumber boys 4 to 3, they are gaining on us!

It suffices to say, I have had little time to sew now that we've "added on". I watch my new Grandson while my Daughter works. It will get worse before it gets better as shes decided to become a full-time student (and work) come January.

With all the changes came a spark of creativity. Ive spent a lifetime sewing for females and now I have to change gears. Baby steps as they say. I started with a bib but the ideas are still coming! I sewed the majority of the girls clothes when they were babies, never needing a pattern because I had live models! This time will be different. No bows, ruffles or frilly trims....just the basics. I have no doubt that my Dear Husband will tell me if I am on the wrong track. He cant have his "little buddy" go out with him, looking foolish.

Will it be a challenge? ABSOLUTELY! Am I up for it? I cant wait to get started!!!