Thursday, January 13, 2011

Show and Tell

This week I wanted to show you a few of the really special antique sewing related items I have been given or bought over the years.
My DH (Dear Husband) bought these for me from an antique store in Hernando, MS

My Mother bought this for me because we both love the fashions of the 40's.

DH picked this up at Goodwill! The copyright is 1927!!!

This is a tiny sample of the (over 400!!) antique buttons I bought 15 years ago!

This is a cutting board (not completely unfolded) that was gifted to me from a friend. It had belonged to his mother who hadnt sewn in 40+ years. He also gave me a "steamer" from the 60's.

This is the final piece. These belonged to one of my best friends Mother (shawl) and Mother-in-law (dress). The shawl is from (at least) the 1960's, the dress from the early 50's. There is some sagging of the skirt (at the waist) because my dressmakers mannequin can not be adjusted any smaller. The skirt is pinned on.


  1. Those are fascinating! Do you ever just sit there and contemplate who might have touched or used them?

  2. I can sit for hours and go through the button collection! It seems that every time I discover something new! I love how the pattern has "I havent used this one" written in pencil on it!

  3. I love the heart button and the flower button and...I could go through the buttons for hours too. No idea why.

  4. I have a huge button collection too gaynor!
    What IS it about buttons!? Can never get enough...

  5. Neat. I love antique buttons. I bought a huge lot of them on Ebay once and it was like getting a million dollars. I used to sew more but now it's just jewelry. Maybe I could use some of those buttons in jewelry now.

  6. @SToNZ-I think the "draw" with buttons is seeing and holding history. I can sometimes imagine the clothes that the buttons might have gone on!

    @beadsnbangles-I have a line of costume jewelry made from some of mine in my shop! :D

  7. How fun! I love the buttons! The books are really neat as well. I love the old illustrations in them!