Sunday, February 27, 2011


So I decided that I needed to get more organized. I set-up a calendar on my computer with important information and reminders. I would get a hint when I needed to update my blog, run a sale, renew items, or list new ones. Well, in the infamous words of my 16 year old, "EPIC FAIL!"

I get up each morning and turn on my computer. I then proceed to check into my shops, catch up on my threads, and check the email. Usually before I'm done, the phone begins to ring. After I have fielded a few phone calls I begin my days work.

Recently that has consisted of taking care of my 5 1/2 month old Grandson three mornings a week while my eldest daughter attends college. No problem. He is an easy baby. Happy, eats well, and sleeps well. A real joy to be around. My problem is I cant seem to think about anything else while I have him. I have trouble planning the rest of my day or accomplishing much while he sleeps.

When his Mother was a baby I could get amazing things done! My home was immaculate. She was on a schedule that allowed me time to indulge in whatever artistic pursuit I was into at the time. I visited friends, had company, dressed nice every day and dinner was always on time.

I am not sure where that part of me went. My home is generally tidy but seldom clean (by my standards) now. My Grandson has some patterns to his eating and sleeping but he is not on a true schedule so I generally have to wait until I am done babysitting to do anything artistic. I seldom go out or have anyone in, apply make-up and wear something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt but once a week and dinner.....HA....."fagetaboutit". We are as likely to have fast food on a Tuesday as we are on a Saturday!

My new "Reminder"!
I cant help but think that "this too shall pass". I will find some part of myself that will get it all together. I the meantime I have my calendar and its annoying reminders popping up on the computer screen to nudge me toward the items I need to complete for the week. Maybe I need a robot with a stick, The robot could jab me and say, "Hey! Go get some make-up on!" or "Dont you think you need to get dinner started?!?"

Until that time I guess I will have to deal with my computer nagging me each week.

Or maybe I could get some gumption. Does anyone know where they sell that?

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  1. This is so nice darling! What do u say about following each other?:X