Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Steps to making a difference

I try, everyday, to be aware of the impact I am having on this planet, my country, my community, and my home. But honestly speaking; it isnt easy. I thought that by recycling I was having more of an impact, but I had a lesson to learn.

Natalie Beaty-Vickery, (The Family Herbalist), suggested I view a video called 'The Story of Stuff'.

Rose Petal Tincture photo courtesy of The Family Herbalist
What an eye-opener! This wonderfully illustrated video takes you from the extraction of resources used in our products, all the way through their disposal. Its shocking to learn how toxic we are making ourselves and our environment just by buying into consumerism. You will be surprised by how complicit you are in this. I know I was. But, dont be mistaken, this isnt a doomsday video. At the end, you have the opportunity to discover 10 steps you can take to help improve things.

One step suggested was to "DeTox your body, DeTox your home, and DeTox the Economy". You can take that step by heading over to The Family Herbalist  for information on taking a natural approach to your health care needs.

Other steps are as easy as "Waste Less". Its all about baby steps. Ive taken a few, now you take a few. Together our baby steps add up to a giant leap!


  1. Wonderful blog post full of great information! Thank you for posting this; I will share and link to your blog post tomorrow on my blog!

    I think one of the best ways we can cut down on our consumerism is to grow our own food...and I love supporting our local communities and farmer's markets.

    Recycling is fantastic! I adore your recycled tees in your shop! I sell hand-painted upcycled decoupage canisters (which were originally soup and coffee cans) in my Etsy shop:

    I am a member of the Etsy Recycler's Guild; you should check them out and consider being a member. We share recycling ideas, promote eachother's shops in treasuries, and more...I will pass this great information you have provided on to them!

    By the way, I found you on the Etsy forums. ;-)

  2. Thank you so much Eco-Friendly! I will have to check out your team. It sounds like it is right up my alley! Off to see your shop now! :D

  3. I'm really glad you found the video informative....I found it to be a real eye opener.

  4. Thank you ladies! Yes, the video was an eye opener for sure! A made a blog post about it and all of this great information on my blog today; I also link to your Sew Sew Recycling blog and Recycled T's shop!

    I am an aspiring herbalist! I am so very fascinated with all of the healing herbs; I even have some exotic ones in my Etsy shop and hope to sell more of a variety in the future. I also enjoy wildcrafting and learning about medicinal herbs that grow around me locally. I am a member of another Etsy Team called "Heal Naturally" that has some very intriguing members who find pleasure in studying nature's healing gifts.

  5. Baby steps make a difference indeed. Great post!